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About Us

My name is Larry Whaley and found myself with a need to begin work at home after COVID-19. My business name is, Integral Design Solutions, and my journey as a freelancer begins. I own a private server most of my nine different sites are being rebuilt from the ground up right here.  I will display links to each in my portfolio after complete.

Before the pandemic, I was a computer repair technician. I guess in a way you could say that I know computers inside and out. I have a love for designing websites. I find that even though I have an appreciation for code, I love the diversity that WordPress offers.

Many say that WordPress has a multitude of issues, but I beg to differ. WordPress remains the leading Internet design software, with a staggering number of 30%. I can understand why, and if you are unsure, please read a few of my articles.

Before I begin a new project, I must have a full understanding of what you desire. I am not here to sell you something that you do not need. I want to design that site that you have been dreaming to have. I have found that simple messages do not explain the big picture and enjoy a conversation. A conversation I can ask you more in-depth questions that written words do not convey. I have a discord server, as well as zoom, both 100% free, and our initial conversation should not take much time.

I desire to design a site that you can take with you. I am not fond of managed platforms like Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Duda, and countless others. I applaud them with the fantastic resources they provide, but if I want to or need to move my site, I am trapped. I do not want that to happen to anyone when I design a website. I want you to feel confident that when you decide you want a different provider, or need more space or speed, that you can take your site with you.

I as well offer website management. If I build your site, my basic package includes weekly backups, security checks, and updates of WordPress, themes, and plugins. Don’t risk the fact that you have not needed to get on your site in several months. With webmasters at the helm, we ensure all is secure. If you have never had a website hacked, feel blessed. That is why we include several security factors on your site to keep them at bay.

As my client, you have the right to the best available. I grant access to 44 different professional themes, including Themify and Divi. I include a robust form development tool, as well as a membership plugin. For as long as I am managing your site, these valuable assets are for you to enjoy at no cost to you. A year of my basic maintenance service is less expensive than the yearly price for a professional theme and the two professional plugins. The maintenance plan may be hosted anywhere. You may use any provider.

I pride myself on the work I produce, and as I develop more, I will provide information and links. I hope you and I have the opportunity to work at creating that dream website you desire.

Explore New Horizons…

L Whaley