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Web Design Documents

Integral Design Solutions is doing business as Larry Whaley. I have been designing websites for years as a hobby. I have worked as a computer technician for years. I know my way around Windows, Apple, and several Linux distros. This site is hosted on my server running Proxmox. I have one dedicated IP address running CentOS with CentOS Web Panel for hosting. I have another IP running my mail client.
I was excited to establish a web design agency because that is what I love. The excitement will emerge again when I need to hire others to help me someday soon. I offer my services to you with the knowledge and experience you deserve. I bring to the table with me more than website design. I offer hosting services as well as the knowledge of designing your virtual private server.
I use WordPress to design websites because of the number of features it provides. Please read my articles about the advantages that having and running WordPress offers. I do not believe in the quick methods of web design that many provide. Wix, Weebly, and countless others offer a great service but you do not own it. I believe everyone should have the ability to easily move your site. I as well believe that a hosting provider should provide full ownership to you. You may read more about this in my articles.
If you are a busy person and do not have time to manage your site. Maybe you are new to websites and are not sure how to manage your website. Integral Design Solutions has a maintenance package that is a clear choice. Allow me a moment to draw out a pricing scheme.
Professional Theme: $60 – $90 a year with an average of $75 a year.
Form Builder Plugin: $89 a year and up.
Membership Plugin: $89 a year and up.
Most likely you will use an at minimum 5 premium plugins that vary in price but we will use $39 each: $39 x 5 = $195 a year.
You have a total of= $448 a year that you spend on a professional theme with professional plugins. This price could be much higher, but I’m just giving an average for you.
The site you are viewing with plugins and themes cost me $539 a year. That does not include hosting, domain name, or site maintenance.
We have a basic maintenance plan priced at $35 a month and a premium plan priced at $45 a month. You may read about the incredible amount of savings both plans include on our pricing page. You can’t go wrong with an offer like that, and I can guarantee that more is to come.
The following is a list of documentation that I currently have available. They cover website design as well as hosting and website maintenance.
I do not include website maintenance in my website design pricing. I will inform you of that after you decide to have Integral Design Solutions design your new website.
L Whaley