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Payment Policy

A Handshake agreement

LWhaley requires a 50% deposit before work begins, and the remainder to be paid in full on the date of the site launch.

If you desire to incorporate additional changes to a project that has already been agreed upon.  There is a chance that an additional fee may be added as well as increase the length in developing your site.

Additional fees may require a change in the original agreement as well as an additional deposit.

When submitting a request for changes please use the communication service we have provided you as well as submitting an email to

Please let us know if we may keep your email to keep you updated with features and changes to our operation that may prove to be valuable to you in the future.

Additional Packages

You are aware that our additional packages and maintenance programs come with a lot of savings.  They do need to be paid yearly.  You will receive notices of upcoming payments that are soon to be due, to continue with the service.

We do grant 14 days after the due date before we discontinue the services we provide.  You will keep all themes and plugins that you have on your site.  As updates become available you will need to purchase the products to ensure your site stays secure with security patches.

Please review our Terms of Service:

The Payment Policy may change at any time.

Last Updated: 07/06/20

L Whaley