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The Code Behind The Matrix

Although we like to think that there is no coding involved in WordPress, that is not entirely true. Yes, you may create a website with WordPress using a theme and plugins. It will function as intended, but the overall appearance of the page will not be the best.
Most of the code used to correct the appearance is CSS. Plugins are the culprit of this, but a little CSS magic goes a long way. HTML is a language used in front-end development. PHP is a language that handles how your website works. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that handles how your browser responds. The combination of all these elements adds breadth to your website.

Drop Zone CC

DropZoneCC  design was using the theme, Themify Stack. The stack theme has the option of a left or right side menu. It was designed with a 3 tier menu status to separate members from subscribers. The default menu is what visitors see. I love the artistic relevance to the Blog articles page. A fantastic theme to use if you like that style of the website.

Mogul Makers Co.

MogulMakers design was by incorporating the theme by Themify called Ultra. The color scheme came from the logo they provided. This design worked around the WooCommerce plugin. With a desire to hide many aspects of how WooCommerce tries to dominate the theme, I incorporated several techniques. I supplied the owner of the site with videos to demonstrate the way to overcome the layout issues WooCommerce present.

A.P.A.B. Country Club

APAB Country Club is unfortunately not available to view. The design was using the theme Corporate by Themify. We also included plugins to incorporate spreadsheets in this design. Included with the site was a video page, where contents from YouTube or Vimeo may be shared. Included as well were documents from Microsoft One Drive to display information for members to submit and display. A fantastic website I wish was still for view.

More to come!

L Whaley