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Our Services

Website Design Service

Integral Design Solutions provides the best web design services. Using a professional theme and template to offer you the website you dreams. The use of professional plugins to handle form creation as well as a social membership. Our number one goal is to ensure your site is stunning, optimized, and responsive.
It all starts with an understanding of what you wish to see, and we make it a reality. Some may say that you do not need code with the use of plugins. Plugins provide functionality but do not always look appealing. From coding a website from the ground up, to using a content management system with plugins. I have never created a website that did not need code.
From your first site to a more advanced website. Integral Design Solutions will handle all technical related aspects.

Themes and Templates

Integral Design Solutions uses professional themes for new website designs. Themify offers 42 professional themes. You also have the option to use Divi by Elegant themes. All the themes we offer you will have front-end design technology at your fingertips.
Professional plugins for both Themify and Divi are available for you as well. You will never pay fees for your theme or plugins if you use our maintenance package. From announcement bars to opt-in popups we have you covered.
With a clear description, we have 43 themes to select from. From photography to split-screen we have a template for you. We will help you decide the correct template that will make your website a star.

Professional Plugins

Plugins allow for features to be on your site without code. I love the Divi theme, but most plugins are third-party. Themify has a wide selection of plugins available that you need code to perform with Divi.
A few great plugins that Themify offers are for WordPress and will work within the Divi. If we manage your site, all our plugins and themes available.
Forms are a huge aspect of any website and some more than others. There are several fantastic plugins for form creation. I have used them all and wanted to include what I have found to be one of the best.
RegistrationMagic grants a friendly user interface. It has the ability to create any type of form you desire. Including simple registration to advanced registration forms as well. Integrated with payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe,, and Wepay.
A social site and or membership site is something many of us have in mind. A free site or a paid membership site is another item we keep in mind. There are a ton of options available, but one that I like is ProfileGrid.
The flexibility of ProfileGrid is fantastic. You have the option to create member groups based on levels, and or time frames. Your members will have the ability to create blog posts and set who may view the post. They may have private chats with other members, and much more.

Stay tuned in, there are more services to come!

L Whaley